WORKSHOP by Baleton

Since October 2017, our very first workshop started with 7 people in it. Located on Pluit Karang Jelita VI/29 where Flower House by Baleton willing to provide their place for us. It has been a beautiful memories yet so tense because yes people it was our first meeting our students and share the knowledge of ours.


Now, we already have almost 100 students who have joined our class and meeting us in person. We can’t tell you how much the excitement that has been with us for the past year. Meeting them, sharing, talking, laughing and get to know each other has been our dream in the first place. We are so grateful to know each one of you and to get know more about our student, and yet some of them become our friend now. Isn’t it lovely? Gather with people who has the same interest with you. Yes, thats our dream. It’s not just about the knowledge of how to make a flower arrangement to our student but it also for the relation that we will have with them.


It’s eucalyptus, leaves that we love the most

Baleton Flowerchef was established on 2015 and on the mid of 2016 we decide to learn more about Korean-style at Vaness Flower, Seoul. It was so amazing, we learn so much from her and yes now we are ready to share it with you who loves korean style. Korean Basic Hand-tied Bouquet has been the favourites one since the beginning. Other classes, such as Round-box, Square-box, and Flower Basket are also available to joined. You can see our schedule in our Instagram page (@baletonflowerchef) on Highlight, we will post it monthly so you can check our event during the whole month so you won’t miss it.

Grace, She is an art.

You will learn about type of flowers, flower arrangement, and also Korean-style wrapping. Cause if you don’t know, Korean-style is trending right now. All the tools and flowers are being provided so you just have to bring yourself. Isn’t fun? We are definitely sure that the amount you are paying is ¬†worth it. Come and join us in our next workshop class, it has limited seats because we will only accept 7 students/class. So don’t you every shy to ask us anything, cause we will try to give our best for you. See you when i see you loves, we can’t wait to meet you in person!

Cheers, Baleton Team

14 Oct 2017, Our first Workshop